Merging Strategy & Data to Deliver Results

BG Wine Consulting is a marketing, analytics, insights, and strategy firm helping wineries uncover unique insights that drive wine club memberships and total sales.

Why work with us?

We are the only wine consulting company to combine 40 years of experience at a Dow 30 company with accreditation through achieving the rigorous Wine & Spirits Education Trust Diploma.

Let us show you how the latest techniques in Machine Learning, Behavioral Sciences, and Consumer research can help you uncover new ways of retaining and growing your wine club membership and creating more satisfied customers.

Marketing Strategy

Define a strategic target, craft a sound brand equity statement, and develop sales-generating marketing content.

Data Analysis

Create better engagement and higher sales through analysis of point-of-sale and email / social data.

Wine Club

Drive member retention through machine learning to identify members with the highest risk of attrition.


BG Wine Consulting accurately predicted which members of our wine club were most at risk from defecting. We could then personally contact those people and save them from leaving.

BG Wine Consulting did a thorough landscape assessment of our competition, which helped us define a distinctive Brand Equity Pyramid and communication strategy. Our average email open rate has skyrocketed!

BG Wine Consulting helped us create a member survey to identify what our members were most looking for in our club. It’s helped us keep things fresh and relevant for our guests.

BG Wine consulting has shown us how to unleash the power of our data. I had no idea how much we could glean from simple things like sales, email open rates, and social media engagement.