Wine Marketing Services

We’ve been helping wineries like yours successfully grow sales and engagement for years

BG Wine Consulting specializes in transforming data into insights and action that grow sales and drive wine club retention. Take a look at a few of the areas we specialize in.

Wine Club Member Retention

Retaining wine club members is a priority for any winery, but it can be hard to know who is most likely to leave and how to keep them.

We leverage machine learning to predict at risk defectors with a high degree of accuracy

Together we develop retention strategies to prevent defection and drive loyalty.

We can update and refine the model to keep a pulse on membership and likely defectors.

Marketing Strategy

Standing out in the crowded wine industry can be tough. We develop distinct equities and communication strategies that get you noticed and remembered.

It starts with a thorough competitive analysis to see how you stack up versus your peers.

We create a distinctive Brand Equity Pyramid to give you clear Points of Difference in the market.

We put it into practice with a strategic communication plan to drive a consistent brand message.

Member Satisfaction

With qualitative and quantitative research, we help you understand your members’ satisfaction with your offerings and identify new areas of growth.

We can develop quantitative surveys of your guests so you understand what they want from you.

We can field and analyze research using statistically sound methods so you’re confident in the recommendations.

We can conduct more personalized qualitative research to dive deep into your members’ wine needs.

Performance Marketing

Knowing what works and doesn’t work is critical for optimizing the limited communication points your winery has in the thousands of messages the average consumer gets each day.

We analyze which messaging and promotions have worked best over the years.

We then help set objectives for metrics like email open rates, click-through rates, and purchases.

We can continuously test different communications and promotions to see which work best.